IB 1 students recently worked on a composition unit. They made a collage, overlaid it with a loose ink drawing on transparent paper and then isolated one section to create a new image. The results show many an increased awareness of colour harmony, observation and the elements and principles of design.
  • juliette georgia elise  Juliette, Georgia and Elise at work
  • claire  Claire isolation
  • cas isolation  Cas isolation
  • klemensisolation  Klemens isolation
  • julietteisolation  Juliette isolation
  • claireandklemens  Claire and Klemens
  • nanaisolation  Nana isolation
  • leila isolation  Leila isolation
  • assorted  Assorted isolation collages
  • nana  Mao isolation
  • sarah  Steph isolations
  • anaisolation  Ana isolation
  • millena isolation  Millena isolation
  • isolation  It's all about isolation